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Appropriate Use of Language and Terminology
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Author:  Gullinbursti [ Sun May 10, 2015 2:52 am ]
Post subject:  Appropriate Use of Language and Terminology

Hi folks, I received a complaint today about the use of the word trap on this site. The complaint cited that the use of such a term was degrading to transgendered folks and was in lines with calling someone a faggot or a nigger. I take such concerns seriously, however in this case, I do not find the use of the word trap within the context of an adult site whose focus is the appreciation of a Japanese monster girl fandoms to fall within what would not be acceptable language. Within the shared social framework of this site, the term Trap is being used to describe the following,

"In general, "trap" refers to a male character (in the biological sense; the character's gender identity and sexual orientation are not usually implied by the term) who is mistaken (deliberately or accidentally) for a female (for instance, based on their choice of clothing). The term "reverse trap" is often applied to the reverse situation of a female dressing like a male, though sometimes "trap" is used for both cases."

a quick definition I borrowed from another site. In this case, the use is obvious and is not being used as a way of degrading transgendered people. There is also the fact that beyond some reports on the site Tumblr of such being the case, I could not find any sort of history of association with the word being used as a slur against transgendered folks.

Also, as an adult site, while we strive to maintain civility, the use of swear/curse words are not a direct offense against the sites rules. Of course the use in context may breach the rules, but for example, "Wow, I just had a fucking shit match in Smite" would not generally incur a penalty. Attacking another while using slurs may, again depending on context.

Other than that, use common sense, try and be civil, but please remember that there is no right to going through life without being offended.

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